Fundamentals of Coaching

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October 20, 2015

 Why is the Fundamentals of Coaching Course                                      Such a Vital part to Coach Training? fundamentals

I’ve been asked many times, why we have a prerequisite course and why do we recommend that learners take the
fundamentals of coaching course prior to taking other coach training courses with us. I thought I should answer this question here with some additional information about our fundamentals.

Most people come to coaching with preconceived ideas of what coaching is and how well they can coach. We all think we are great coaches, some people even believe that they don’t need coach training, mentoring or supervision to attain and maintain great coaching skills. Most people even think that coaching is to ask someone questions and to tell them what they should do.

Actually, coaching is an art and it requires a lot of self-discipline and great listening skills to be an effective coach. This may sound easy but it takes much practice, mentoring and coaching to attain, meaning that the listening that we do outside of coaching needs to be magnified several times over and our minds need to be disciplined and silenced in order for us to truly hear our clients.

As for questions, most of the questions we fire off to others are usually commands, suggestions or ideas posed as questions. Coaching requires that we listen with our being, which allows us to pose intuitive questions that create awareness for our clients to think deeper and become more aware of who they are, what they want to bring into their lives and of whom they want to become. The process of coaching is learnt through practice, mentoring, feedback and self-discovery.

Fundamentals of coaching is a bit like laying the foundations to build the house. If you sent the foundations well, your house will be sound. If you lay the foundations crooked, your house will lean or look out of sorts.  The fundamentals course allow you to adjust your mindset and ideas about coaching, begin practicing the skills like listening, intuition, questioning, empathy, acknowledgement and conversations the write way, so you can keep laying other layers of skills unto them in just the right way so you and your clients truly enjoy the promise of coaching.

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