Finding Clarity

Finding Clarity

Do you find yourself being out of track on your goals and the objectives you have laid out?  Too often we become so engrossed in one project it becomes easy to forget how it relates to our larger goal.  This is true when we become engrossed in a new business venture, expansion, down sizing or move.  This can be especially so when the project is near and dear to our hearts.

As business owners we do not have the luxury of forgetting the larger picture but at times we do slip and fall.  A coach is a great support  to help you gain clarity and stay focused during those busy times.  I found that working with a coach is great to help clarify what is it I really want and what I don’t want and need.

What about you.  What strategies do you use to stay connected and focused?  Are you needing a thinking partnership or a nuetral third party to help you reach your pinnacle?  Let me know how you doing and what strategies you are using to stay focused.

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