Do You Impact Your Client’s Wellness?

By admin

May 7, 2013

Do you provide a service that adds to the quality of your clients’ lives? Would your customers be upset if the quality of your services were lowered or disappeared altogether? If you answered yes to these two questions then your services contribute to the well being of your clients.


How many of you realize that you are indeed in the wellness business? Your products and services contribute to the wellness of your clients. Wellness of the customer base should be the focus of every business, even when you don’t have “wellness” included as part of your company name or mission statement. Why do your clients choose to conduct business with you? It is because the services you provide bring them satisfaction, joy, comfort, relaxation, meet their needs and so much more? All these qualities contribute to a person’s wellness and improve their personal and corporate lives.


Why not take extra care today to ensure the service you provide does add to the wellness of your clients.


To Your Wellness,




Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Strategist, Interpersonal Wellness Expert and Executive Coach who works with entrepreneurs, mid-career professionals, executives and their organizations to address challenges and conflicts, to maximize time, resources, energy and results, so they maintain life balance and wellness. She is also Director of the only ICF approved training program for Coaches and Wellness Facilitators in Manitoba. You can learn about the IWS Network of Coaches and Facilitators by clicking the link below.

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