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Diversity Inclusion and Interpersonal Well-being™ Certificate

Reducing Negative Interpersonal Dynamics To Foster Diversity and Inclusion

Help your diverse teams build the interpersonal resilience to work better, be more cohesive, innovative and excel

The DIIW certificate is made up of seven powerful courses, led by a team of instructors with lived and diverse practice skills and experience.

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First Class to be taught on March 1, 2021

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Courses Include:

1.    The History of Race, Diversity, and Inequity

2.     Exploring Systemic Racism and Unconscious Bias In Your Work and Interpersonal Dynamics

3.     Uncovering the Damaging Impact of Micro-inequities to Fuel Discrimination

4.     Racial Power Imbalances and The Cost to Interpersonal Well-being in Groups and Workplaces

5.     Diverse Perspectives of Acceptance and Inequality

6.     Equalizing Power Through Inclusion, Equitable Sharing and Collaboration

7.     Exploring Fears, Uncertainties, Threats, and Assumptions to Diversity and Inclusion

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This course offers attendees 32 SHRM Credits

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