Diversity in March

By Joyce Odidison

Mar 13

The month of March is certainly a time to focus on diversity.  Even the weather is different from day to day.  This brings out the best or worst in us and highlights two important lessons we need to consider in our lives and workplaces. 

The first is that nothing stays the same and yes even this cold spell we are having here in Winnipeg will pass too.  It is possible that we may chose to find something beautiful about the weather if we decide to make that our focus.

Secondly, though something or someone is different, ours may not be a bad experience.  There is a lot of good in our changing weather, for one we are never bored of the same old weather all the time, nor are we short of conversation topics around the water cooler or in the hallway to make short conversations and engage our neighbours.

Like the weather, life also brings changes and challenges and it is important for us to reflect on the good times as we face the bad times because there again, life brings us variety and diverse experiences so that we  can remain humble and hopefully be more conscious of the good times because we know they may not always last.

What are some of the benefits you are able to find from our ever changing weather or your life situations?

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About the Author

Joyce Odidison, MA, PCC, CTDP is a Thought Leader on Interpersonal Wellness and Competency Mindset Teaching. She is a Conflict Analyst, Coach, and corporate speaker/trainer on interpersonal, respect and diversity for 24 years. Joyce helps organizations protect the emotional, interpersonal, and mental well-being of employees and leaders from conflict, stress, and burnout, to preserve their reputation, promote diversity, inclusion, and psychological safety at work. She is a frequent TV guest expert offering relational well-being tips for leaders and employees. Joyce has been featured in the Winnipeg Free Press, Canadian Living, Corporate Wellness Magazine, Thrive Global, Fast Company, and others.She can be reached at admin@interpersonalwellness.com or by phone at 1-877-999-9591.

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Delphine Nguyen March 20, 2009

Hi Joyce,

Diversity and life changes is certainly a subject I am very passionate about.
Thanks for bringing up the subject.

I just came back to France (My home country), after living almost 3 years in the USA (Seattle).

I certainly learnt a lot from living abroad, including:
– How to listen with an open heart (and more objectivity)
– That ”people and people” beyond cultural differences. It is usually possible to connect with almost anyone at a human level.
– How much power the media have in shaping the image of a country for the outside world and how biased they can be.
– To rely on myself. Having to adjust to a different system and way of life taught me a lot about autonomy.
– Who my best friends are. Ther good news is you keep your best friends even half way around the world!
– The importance of family: Not having my family with me made me realize what I was missing.
– Who I am. This is the biggest lesson so far. By living abroad and being in contact with people with different values than mine, made me much more clearly aware of my own values.

We have sunshine here in France at the moment. But, the weather will change again soon, and we might go back to winter. Indeed, only one thing is permanent in life, and that is change!

Take care,

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