Knowledge is Power – Make it Diverse Knowledge

Knowledge is Power – Make it Diverse Knowledge

“Knowledge is power”, someone once said.  As a coach, I have often seen my clients’ enlightenment when they discover the knowledge, tools or skill they needed to enhance their life success.  I have had the pleasure of working with individuals from very diverse cultures, skill set, background, educational and socio-economic levels.   I find that having a diverse knowledge base has expanded my capacity to contribute to my clients’ success.   My dream has always been to try and keep myself well informed and well read.  My challenge however, has been finding a winning strategy with which to achieve that goal.

So over the years I have been searching for ways to gain new information with the limited time I had.  That’s when I decided to incorporate audio books to my repertoire.  I am happy to say that I have not looked back.  It’s a winning strategy that works well for me.  Often I like to know of blogs, books and videos that I can recommend to clients to help them gain a new perspective on a particular issue they may be struggling to make sense of.  I love passing on that kind of information and watching what people do with it.

That’s why I believe a diverse knowlede base is a real asset.  I believe that knowledge comes in all forms and from all areas.  Often I learn a new perspective from a new book or blog from a client and I am happy to say that I often check it out and most times, I learn something from that perspective, book reading or website.  I try to remain open to the new learning of every day.

Where will your next learning come from?  Are you open to receive learning from diverse sources, does it matter who or where it comes from?

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