What Conflict with a Co-Worker Says About Your Well-being

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August 16, 2018

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“This is the strangest concept I have ever heard, but it does make some weird sense.”

Paul, one of my clients, expressed this when I first introduced him to the nine-dimensional WIS® approach in 2007.

Those pesky conflicts we have at work, at home, with friends and relatives, with our employer, co-workers–what do they say about our well-being?

On the surface, we don’t always see how conflict with a co-worker or employer affects our well-being. But when we look deeper, like Paul was prepared to do, we see the greater connection.

When someone acts a certain way, we choose how we interpret their actions based on what is happening with us internally. Yes, all meaning comes from within us. It measures how well-aligned we are system-wise and with our environment.

We tell ourselves messages that foster our beliefs about the world and each other. Being well in all nine dimensions increases our ability to carefully rationalize and verbalize the things that are important to us. Being spiritually, socially, or emotionally unwell affects our whole lives and, more directly, our relationships. We are well socially when we have developed a high level of communication, ensuring that we are actively listening, attending, networking, and responding responsibly.

While it is hard to see the connection initially, a wise person once said, “What we are not aware of controls us”. With effort, we can regain control of our lives. In my next post, I will show how to develop our wellness in each of the nine dimensions to improve our interpersonal wellness quotient (IWQ).

Do you know of someone who is struggling with painful interpersonal conflicts? Help them shift their view from external to internal so they can begin developing their wellness in one of the nine dimensions. By starting with one, all the other dimensions will gradually improve.

We also train and certify nine-dimensional WIS® coaching and WIS® facilitators who want to do this work with groups, organizations, and individuals in their networks. Check out the upcoming fall training line-up.

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