Having Problems with Interpersonal Communication Skills?

Having Problems with Interpersonal Communication Skills?

Most of us have challenges with interpersonal communication. Even those of us who are great communicators falter when we need to….

Face conflict situations or difficulties in our work or life situations. This week I will be teaching a course on interpersonal communication skills.

If you are looking for a way to increase harmony, respect, teamwork or collaboration this course is a key one for improving interpersonal communication skills. In this course, participants get coached on their interpersonal skills weaknesses and acknowledge their strengths and reduce excesses of poor communication.

Coaching is a great way to practice and mirror our meanings, expectations, needs and interest, while we channel our emotions towards a positive outcome. In this course, we will be looking at ways to look at the power of communication to make things happen. We will also look at barriers and challenges to communication.

This course will be ideal for those who work with and speak to others every day as a major part of their jobs. We will look at what can happen to our communication skills based on our perception of time. This is very important as we all get busier. We so often rush to judgments of others and make snap decisions about people, which in turn can color our communication with them.

Coaching is an interesting process as it allows us to grow and develop our communication skills and conversations on many levels. It allows us to look at emotions or feelings, intentions, expectations.

If interpersonal communication skills is something you are looking to improve, then listen to my podcast.

To your wellness,

Joyce Odidison

Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst Coach, who is the founder of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. & Coaching Institute. She consults, teaches and coaches with mid-career professionals and organizations to improve performance, skills, competencies, and workplace wellness. She can be reached at www.interpersonalwellness.com or by phone at: 1 877 999-9591.

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