Communication and Coaching

Communication and Coaching

This week I taught module III – communication and coaching. This module delivers a very expansive focus for the coach who is looking to develop his coaching language and be more effective when asking questions and summarizing. Since coaching is centered on communication, it is imperative that all coaches develop their coaching language and their listening skills. Participants in the course shared that they found new ways to explore coaching issues and to discuss them with clients. They shared that coaching language is becoming more comfortable for them as they engage in peer coaching and as they practice their coaching in class. Some key pieces that helps us to grow in coaching is to quiet our minds so that we can hear our clients better. We also discussed being mindful of our roles as a coach and how staying focused on our roles will help us to effectively raise awareness for our clients. We practiced many communication strategies to help clients expand their thinking and design actions and winning goals.


Have you worked with a coach before, if so what are the key benefits you receive from your coach?

How was the communication with your coach different from the communication you encountered with others?

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