Want to your team to enjoy working for you and with each other, even through a difficult changes?

Join the Collaborative Management Blue Print Master Class

Oct 1, 2019
10:00 am CST 

Reduce Tension in Your Team with the 6 Step Collaborative Management Blueprint Checklist

Must use 6 steps to improve collaboration with any team, group or even at home.

Change Can be Hard on a Team's Ability to Work Well Together.

Learn about the Collaborative Management Blue Print Mastermind Program and Get the Tools to Help Your Team Enjoy Working with Each Other.

A team in Discord Can cost the organization thousands of dollars in wasted productivity

Learn the strategies that hundreds of leaders have used to move their teams to the next level of productivity and execution. This course will teach you to:

  • Improve responsible communication
  • Build consensus among your team
  • Create transparency
  • Create collaborative dialogues
  • End infighting and squabbling

 ​This powerful masterclass has helped hundreds of leaders and their teams enjoy working together again or for the first time.

Here What Participants are Saying:

"This program has helped improve my perspective on people and management a lot". 

Steve Drake, Director of Operations 

"I will take everything I learned here and apply it to the team that I manage, its very applicable".

- Kristen Landry, Marketing Director

" I really liked the portion on responsible communication from week 3. This is very helpful for me as new manager. I have added this to my team meeting guidelines".

Jennifer London, New Manager

"This program has helped me Identify what obstacles negatively impact my team's ability to work collaboratively". - Brittany Johnson, Sales Manager

 Examine the Collaborative Blue Print with Coach Joyce Odidison

  • Explore collaborative principle
  • Tools to increase synergy
  • Learn how to keep your team relationships intact during difficult workplace changes, rapid growth, downsizing, mergers or acquisitions.
  • Assess your teams collaborative map
  • You will Learn to Rebuild Trust and Increase Team Efficiency Through A Workplace Change.  

Learn About Collaborative Mastermind Program 

Join the Powerful Master Class to Actionize Your Learning

Change the Collaborative Landscape of your team

Host: Joyce Odidison MA, PCC, CTDP 

Joyce is a leading interpersonal and workplace wellness expert in Canada. She is the President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. Joyce is Founder of the nine-dimensional Wellness Improvement System® (WIS) approach to living and working well. Joyce is a global expert in the field, and an excellent resource at building trust with teams and employees to reduce stress and build resilience during times of change and transition at work. Joyce will be a keynote speaker at the Global Workplace Wellness Summit in San Mateo, Calfornia on November 8, 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Collaborative Management Blue Print Masterclass (CMBP)?

CMBP is a dynamic hybrid learning program of e-learning modules, coaching and peer support that supports leaders, managers and team leads to infuse a culture of collaboration to optimize the effectiveness of their teams, even through difficult changes.

What kind of results can I expect from this program?

You will gain strategies that are applicable to the current needs of your team that you can quickly implement to turn things around, even if your team members are stressed and overwhelmed.

How much time does CMBP require?

CMBP is a hybrid program that includes 8 e-learning modules that you can complete at your own pace, taking about an hour each. You should also factor in time to read the suggested books and complete the quizzes and participate in class discussions. There is also a one hour coaching session per week. In all you would need to commit 3 hours per week.

I am a very experienced leader, will I be bored in CMBP?

Absolutely not! You will find this program very fast paced and cutting edge. It will complement all your other leadership training and show you how to use the collaborative blue print process to increase your success as a leader by allowing you to remove obstacles to your team execution.

I am new to management and leadership, how can CMBP help me?

Everything you do as a leader will be directly impacted by your ability to get those you lead to effectively execute. CMBP will aid you in better understanding the nature of collaboration and provide you with a blue print to move them to the next level.

What if I need to take time off for travel or get busy at work and cannot make a coaching session?

If you miss a coaching session for any reason, you will find all the implementation coaching sessions available for download on your MP3 player that you can listen to on your own time. Quickly download the session you miss and catch-up with your peers.

What if I fall behind in my e-learning modules?

The e-learning modules are self-directed so you can easily catch-up with the group or learn at your own pace. If you find yourself falling behind you can request more time to complete the modules. You will have access to the modules for 90 days.

How are the coaching sessions done?

All coaching sessions are done in a group setting, except for your private onboarding session to map out your learning plan for the program.

What does the onboarding entail?

The onboarding sessions are one hour coaching sessions that prepare you to think outside the box and envision your team as a highly effective collaborative team.

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