Develop Your

Collaborative Management


Hybrid and Remote Workplaces Must Implement Strong Collaboration Principles!

Get The Skills To Improve Collaboration Within Your Hybrid and Remote Work Teams

The collaborative Management Blueprint is a comprehensive compassionate leadership competency-based program that engages and build effective working relationships among teams and groups.

Learn the Six Principles of Collaboration

  • It starts with the way we describe collaboration.
  • The collaborative principles create a deeper awareness of collaboration.
  • It calls leaders to a higher level of conscious collaboration in the workplace.

Creating A Foundation for Collaboration

Collaboration won’t happen if the environment isn’t ready for it to happen

Learn To Create A Collaborative Culture

  • Define and explore the skills of collaboration.
  • Defining Collaborative Management
  • Collaborative Management skills
  • Examine your past collaborative efforts to see what was missing

Foster Collaborative Relationships

Help team members learn the elements of a collaborative relationship and how to make it stick.

Explore the importance of relationships for attaining and maintaining successful collaborative management.

  • Learn the essential elements of relationship building strategies.
  • Building relationship
  • Relationship interdependence

Collaboration and Self-Mastery

Learn how self-mastery affects collaboration

  • Relationships, emotions, and self-mastery
  • Re-negotiating failed relationships

The Program

The Collaborative Management blueprint program consists of 8 modules. Each module  provides leaders with a blueprint for collaboration that is immediately applicable and doable.

There has never been a more important time to build a collaborative blueprint in your organization. Join the most effective corporate solution.

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