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A Comprehensive Coach Training Program

Leadership, Wellness, and Life Coaching

Learn to use the Wellness Improvement System® (WIS) Framework that allows you to Coach leaders, workplace wellness, and personal life development with clients in all the important areas of their lives and help them get faster results. Get clients engaged and focused faster, so they get better results and give better testimonials. Coaching is a whole person process that puts clients in the driver seat of their lives. Help your clients identify their blind spots so they can take defensive actions to improve their whole life. A fully online coach training program also available in-house.

ICF approved coach training - life coaching - Interpersonal Wellness

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP®. The WIS Coach Training Program offers 26 PDCs options for the SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® . For more information about certification or recertification, please visit www.shrmcertification.org.

Our Program

Our program offers three streams that will allow you as a professional to attain the highest level of coach training and become a globally recognized coach in your chosen coaching niche. You will be prepared to pursue the International Coach Federation (ICF) ACC or PCC accreditation. You can earn your certification and specialize in the following areas:

Wellness Coach Training Certification

Our wellness coach training provides you with the whole person perspective to develop your skills to facilitate wellness assessments with clients, create wellness coaching plans, and to facilitate wellness conversation seminars, and group coaching sessions with individuals and corporations. This certification consist of 125 coaching hours. This program offer course in the following areas and prepares you to pursue the ICF PCC accreditation:

  • 60 Wellness coach training hours
  • 18 wellness group coaching and facilitation hours 
  • 36 coaching foundation coaching hours
  • 10 mentor coaching hours

Leadership Coach Training Certification

Our leadership coach training provides you with the whole person perspective to develop your coaching skill as a leader that will prepared to effectively adopt a coaching framework to coach those you lead. This certification consist of 125 coaching hours in the following course areas and prepares you for the ICF PCC:

  • 60 core leadership focused coach training hours
  • 18 resilience and wellness core coaching hours 
  • 36 coaching foundation coaching hours
  • 10 mentor coaching hours

Life Coach Training Certification

Our life coach training provides you with the whole person perspective to develop your coaching skills to work effectively with a wide range of clients to improve their life, using the WIS framework. This certification consist of 70 coaching hours in the following course areas and will prepare you to pursue the ICF ACC accreditation:

  • 3 core leadership focused coach training hours
  • 18 resilience and wellness core coaching hours 
  • 48 coaching foundation coaching hours
  • 10 mentor coaching hours

Take Your First Course

Want Coaching Skills Not Ready to Certify?

Take stand alone courses or coach training modules 

Get single courses or course modules of 5 courses or more, which are excellent for professional development in the areas of communication, listening, leadership, and building relationships.

Course Module: Coaching Conversations for Workplace WellnessThis module consists of 5 coaching conversation courses that focuses on enhancing relationships and interactions at work.

Course Module: The Leadership Relations Coaching: This module consists of 5 coaching leadership coaching courses to help leaders improve their conversations and relations with those they lead.

Course Module: Coaching Compassion and Understanding: This module consists of 5 coaching courses that develop compassion, understanding and empathetic listening to boost communication and growth.

Course Module: Wellness Assessment Coaching: This module consists of 5 coaching courses designed for coaches who wish to apply the wellness assessment to their tool kit and develop wellness coaching plans with their clients.  

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All our students receive a complementary 60 days training in the WIS® Business Academy that gives them access to amazing business building content. 
Get a copy of the six figure business building accelerator checklist that shows how we work with select students who desire to grow their businesses.

Advisory: Please only download  if you agree to receive coach training updates from us. Unlike most "trainings" which are all hype and no quality, without depth and great content. This training is  geared for action and results. Our students are amazed at how much they learn in every class.

Here from Our Students

Coach Training - Interpersonal Wellness - Coach Training - Canada

“I was so impressed after the introductory course that I enrolled in the life coaching program. It has been one of the best decisions of my life.” –Derek Bradley, WISCI Student

“[The program] has taught me the value of becoming an active listener, the incredible power of self-reflection, and has caused me to realign the way I communicate with myself and others. The courses accountability to self and others also assisted me in completing my recently published, “Don’t Blame the Children” parenting book. It has empowered me to realize my personal and professional goals in a faster, more productive way. From my perspective, Joyce is one of the most talented Coaches in the coaching businesses today. Her immense knowledge and attention to detail combined with her contagious passion for people makes WIS the best coaching program in the province. This course should be taken by all people as it does and will change your life if you stay open to the process.”

Derek Bradley - Author

“Day One changed my life and I haven’t looked back since!” –Shana Robinson, WISCI Student

“Even upon registering, I felt ensured that I was in the right place. I felt that I would be taking a program that would properly equip me to be successful in the Coaching field along with continuous support and opportunity for professional development. I was given the opportunity to explore myself, my pain, my failures and my past. But the even more beautiful part was being supported to look forward into my accomplishments, success and my future. I recommend this program to everyone who is prepared to put in the work to not only see the development of others, but excited to see it manifest in themselves.”

Shana Robinson - Coach

I was referred by a friend to join the IWS Coach Training program last year in April 2017. At first, I was unsure whether I would be capable of becoming a Coach. The first time online, Joyce made it easy for me the next meeting and the next. Today, I am a Certified Professional Coach thanks to IWS and a lot has changed ever since then, especially for my life. Coaching has moved me from dark to light!

Fifi Tumewu - Coach & Wellness Facilitator

*The results cited above are those of myself and my clients and do not represent a promise of results in your business. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing put in the effort and work to grow your business this then this is not the right business for you.

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