Coaching Career Opportunities

Coaching Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Ever wondered what you could do with a coaching certification? This is the time to find out. We are now offering our WICA and WICC programs along with the new business development course for coaches who want to establish careers in the wellness industry, as either life wellness or workplace wellness coaches.

People everywhere are looking to work with a coach to increase their success. A client recently told me she couldn’t imagine where her life would be today without the support of her coach.

Potential Clients of Coaching

Think of all the folks you know who plan on getting things done but haven’t been able to develop a structure to accomplish their goal. Those who promise to change a bad habit or learn a new skill but keep failing? That person who begins many projects but never gets any of them done. Yes, think of the person who need to set some healthy life style habits but don’t have the will power to attain their goal on their own. Do you happen to know someone who is wasting their life away without clear goal, focus or thought? Think of the person who hates their job or just feels stuck in their life with no clear way on moving forward.

Think of all those situations and more, imagine yourself being the coach for that person or person(s). Take advantage of the summer coaching institute to complete your course work in 60 days and get ready for your career in coaching sooner.

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