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Coaching Methods

WIS offers a unique program that allows you to learn the art and science of coaching methods, so you can support clients to work, live and play well together…

Learn to apply the integrated I-wellness model in your business to boost service and credibility. The I-Wellness model is built on a strong theoretical foundation of interpersonal wellness systems theory for the development of nine interpersonal wellness competencies.

Our Program Strengths are: Benefits of the Program

  • We offer a pay as you go fee structure, only pay for the course modules you take
  • Manitoba’s first and only ICF approved coach training program
  • We offer classroom (days and evenings) and online learning options
  • We offer a modularized program, take the courses of interest or the whole certification
  • Stringent adherence to the International Coach Federation (ICF) core coaching competencies
  • We provide mentor coaching with ICF certified mentor MCC or PCC coaches
  • Our training offers a systems approach to coaching
  • Our training supports several coaching specializations
  • We offer personal and professional development combined
  • We accept Canadian and International students
  • We offer career and business building support and training
  • We offer a recognized and credible certification
Coaching - Interpersonal Wellness Services

Coaching - Interpersonal Wellness Services - Coaching

I have slowly transformed my way of thinking, the way I lead my life and the way I lead in my family. I interact with others differently. I have more positive, understanding and meaningful interactions. I ask rather than tell, and I see the difference in the way people respond rather than react. I have grown personally and have discovered ways to see others with a new perspective. I have gained knowledge and understanding about how to interact with people in a respectful and empathetic way. I chose this program because it offered me to be a balanced, whole approach to learning. I now feel that I could assist someone in whatever way they needed – whether it be achieving their life goals and becoming who they want to be or finding a solution to an immediate concern or issue. I no longer want to tell someone what I think, but I so want them to discover the answers for themselves!! I feel I could help someone see that no matter where they are or what they are doing they can be happy and at peace with themselves and with life. I will continue to recommend this program to others. Regardless of whether or not someone is coming for a work related issues, job requirement to better their skills or simply as a personal interest, what you learn will change your life!

–Shauna Attardo, WISCI Student

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