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About Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc.

Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. is a Canadian based corporate training and development firm offering powerfully inclusive wellness frameworks that build wellness competencies for leaders and employees to transform the organizational culture from top to bottom. They offer a range of certification training in wellness coaching, relational leadership, collaborative management, and workplace wellness. They host the annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit.

Director of Operations – Responsibilities:

Staff supervision, filing, bill payments, building maintenance, pay invoices, utilities and coordinate rent and tenant responsibilities

Communications Manager – Responsibilities:

Provide quarterly communication plan and execution including messaging and branding alignment for newsletters, blogs, e-mails, business introduction and profile, program, and course descriptions. Create flyer, brochure, and course catalogue content. Write web page information and description in a manner that is engaging, intelligent and attractive to prospects. The objective of this position is to increase the messaging of IWS content to be more appealing, attractive to increase sales of programs and services.

Training Coordinator – Responsibilities:

Develop course schedule and update course syllabus, schedule instructors, support student registration and course information requests, register students and encourage them to complete required courses and take additional courses. Provide student orientation into our LMS and support their successful completion of the programs they are registered into. The objective of this role is to improve students’ experience and increase recurring sales.

Sales Manager – Responsibilities:

Client outreach to organizations to inform them of upcoming courses and programs. Promote the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, attract funders, donors, and sponsors to the Summit. Share our brochures, newsletters, e-mails, and marketing materials with organizations and prospects. The object is to create more compelling to attract more attention and awareness to increase sales of IWS programs and services.

Online Marketing Specialist – Responsibilities:

Coordinate and manage all online marketing initiatives, manage e-mail campaigns using current CRM. Promote online press releases, create funnels, automation, improve online user experience, coordinate, and manage the website development team, schedule website edits and blogs, YouTube and Zoom meetings, training, and program online marketing. Coordinate with the social media coordinator to ensure all communication is correct and coordinated. Update online course calendars and website course sales and LMS course page promotions and sales to increase sales of courses and online revenue growth.

Social Media Coordinator – Responsibilities:

Coordinate and develop content for social media platforms. Manage and coordinate the design of all content, messaging, and social media branding for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest for the four product lines. The objective for this position is to increase following, engagement and purchase of IWS courses and programs from our social media efforts.

Research Assistant – Responsibilities:

Conduct online research for IWS products and services. Identify trends, new research findings, opportunities, and possible new markets for IWS programs and services to promote workplace wellness services across the globe. The objective is to increase the robustness of our programs for higher client uptake, referrals, and sales of IWS services globally.

Technology Manager – Responsibilities:

To investigate and supervise the development of the IWS Wellness Assessment application online and or as an app to make this instrument widely available to clients globally. There is increasing ask and need to develop the WIS wellness assessment into an app that can be used by employees in mid and large size organizations around the globe. This role would be responsible for making the WIS app a reality and increasing sales and licensing for the app with major organizations.

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