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Are you ready to get into a career that is life giving? Become a wellness consultant. A career that massages your soul and allows you to make amazing changes in peoples' lives? If so, you are ready for the Wellness Consultant opportunity with us.

Despite advances in technology, human relationships continue to deteriorate, along with our emotional, mental health, and physical well-being. The Wellness Consultant opportunity with IWS is a revolutionary way to help more people and organizations improve well-being at work and in their lives.

With the wellness industry growing by 12% annually we need more consultants in the field meeting with clients and providing them with the tools to improve their wellness. Over the years, the wellness industry has grown to become an almost $5 trillion  dollar industry, and one of the fastest growing in the world.

IWS is a leader in the wellness improvement niche. Our Wellness Consultants stand out with a sophisticated brand and unique model used to structure their work with clients for fast and long-lasting results. As a provider, you will be responsible for offering our programs to the marketplace. This also includes:

► Manage expansion into new markets, developing local partnerships and community involvement
► Build and maintain solid customer and business relationships delivering superior services to clients
► Deliver Wellness program presentations, coaching, training, workshops, seminars and keynotes  

► Business Development, Planning and Generating leads for products and services
► Attend key local and online training's, do customer interviews and focus groups 

You will be joining our global team to offer wellness assessments, training courses, wellness consultation, wellness improvement seminars, and wellness coaching services, and represent our certification programs to the end user. 

Interpersonal Wellness Services offer an array of wellness services, products and programs.for improving wellness in nine dimensions. We also founded the Global Workplace Wellness Summits, which runs three times per year, two virtual and one live summit that and offers organizations a place to get all they need to launch, update or expand their in-house workplace wellness programs, as they respond to the growing crisis of employee ill health and a rising cost of health care. The Global Workplace Wellness Summit has become known as the place to get new and high-quality content that can be quickly implemented in their workplace wellness programming inexpensively. Here is what the position outlines:.

  • Organizational development focused workplace wellness services to corporations and small businesses
  • Life Wellness Coaching
  • Wellness Seminars
  • Meet with New and Current Clients
  • Facilitate Presentations 
  • Deliver keynotes
  • Build a Team

Successful candidates will be prepared to begin delivering and offering services within 14 days of orientation. You will commence your training immediately and continue to learn and become certified in our signature wellness programs to advance your earning potential and career as a subject matter expert in the field.

Our successful candidates have a positive mindset and see the possibilities for their careers to expand in the wellness field. They love a challenge and are committed to the well-being of their clients. They can work as part of a team, or independently. They are effective communications, relationship builders, have great time management skills, and are committed to building a career working part-time or full-time.


• 75K - $125,000 realistic first year income with no experience, no cap on commissions
• Top rep in 2017 made $250,000 ​
• Be your own boss and get paid for how hard you work
• No experience necessary -- we offer extensive and ongoing sales training
• Receive upper management support and top-notch office admin assistance
• Frequent performance bonuses and the ability to take the most vacation time

Please complete the pre-interview questionnaire below if the above describes you and you believe that you will be a great fit to join our Global Wellness Consultant team. If you qualify, then you will be invited for a one-on-one interview to get started. You will be invited to attend the next wellness consultant orientation session.

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Get on-boarded, trained, and help us provide wellness services to organizations and professionals. Complete the questionnaire and get on your path to a new career in 15 days or less.

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