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 We face growing tensions, disasters, diseases, epidemics and unrest that's causing dis-ease, stress, fear and anxiety. Learn how to help.


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The Wellness Industry is now worth $4.2 trillion dollars!

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Learn About the Fast Track Integrated Wellness Training! 

Learn to Use This Cutting Edge Approach with Your Clients and Students. 

There has never been a better time to incorporate wellness mindset competency teaching to your program. Now you can help clients develop the mindset shift that will be their gateway to optimal wellness.

Program Overview:


Understand the wellness system competency mindset shift.


Learn to facilitate and interpret the wellness assessment instrument.


Learn how to facilitate wellness conversations with groups and teams.


Learn to offer corporate wellness training.


Learn to create work and life wellness plans.


Learn to facilitate the wellness competency mindset teachings.

What Our Wellness Teachers and Facilitator and Teachers are Saying

“This Program changed my coaching Practice”

“I love how the wellness teaching allows me to have a framework that I can use with my clients that deepens their awareness of where they need do deeper work".."

Certified Coach and Wellness Facilitator - Indonesia

“I love Teaching This Framework to Clients"

“Clients continue to tell me how much they are learning about themselves and the work they can now do to improve their well-being after working with this process in a very short time. I love the genuine engagement and group interactions it generates."

Alyusha Maharaj
- Workplace Wellness Consultant, Coach - Toronto 

“This has opened up my mind to so much more"

“The wellness tool is a great way to get fast deep insight.

The ability to go through this process as a team is amazing for any organization. The insight and desire for deeper conversation is a natural flow from the exploratory process it allows.

A great team activity that can be used in any size organization.

- Certified Coach and Wellness Facilitator, British Columbia

Your Teacher and Mentor

Joyce Odidison, MA. PCC. CTDP.

Joyce is among the best in the business. She is the founder of the Wellness Competency Mindset Movement, the Wellness Improvement System Trademark programs, QuickStart Workplace Wellness Program and the WIS Assessment tool. She is also President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. and the WIS Coach Training Institute, where she trains professionals to teach, coach and facilitate the wellness competency mindset shift in workplaces and life. Joyce is a passionate, enthusiastic professional who loves to help people find new ways to be well in all areas of their lives.

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