7 Easy Tips to Assessing Your Goals

7 Easy Tips to Assessing Your Goals

Worried About Reaching Your Goals? ​Start Assessing to See where You Can Make Changes

If you set goals in January, March is a great time to assess your progress. This is a time to take a look at the goal you have outlined and see whether you are a quarter of the way there yet?

Not happy with your results? Don’t worry, the benefits of assessing this month are that you still have plenty of time to make adjustments. It is best to know now if you need to tweak or change something in your plans in order to reach your overall goal.

Here are some ways to assess your goals:

  • Ask yourself, is this where I need to be?
  • If I continue on this path, will it lead to me reaching my goal?
  • Is there a legitimate reason why I have not yet reached my goal? For example, work is seasonal, just starting my plan etc.
  • If I’m not where I need to be, what do I need to do differently?
  • Who is best equipped to help me reach my goal?
  • Now that I am where I should be, how do I ensure I can maintain momentum?
  • How can I reward myself or celebrate my success?

In the month of April, our coaches will be offering laser goal assessment sessions to help clients get new momentum towards their goals. These are minute coaching sessions that will utilize a host of tips and tools to assess where our clients are in terms of their goals and help them move forward successfully.

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