Are Your an Employer With a Small Budget but Big Heart?

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November 28, 2019

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Sarah is an Employer with a Small Budget but a Big Heart. 

She wants her employees to love coming to work. She does what it takes to make her workplace friendly, happy and psychologically safe for employees to do their best work.She is what I call an employer with a small budget but a big heart. Last week I had a conversation with Sarah when she told me that she wanted a proposal for the QuickStart Workplace Wellness Program for her team of 15.I honour her commitment to making work safe and happy for her and her employees and will be delivering a program for her that fits into her budget and can scale with the projected growth for her business.Being a leader is hard work and one that forces you to think about the welfare of those you lead. I admire Sarah’s commitment and want to honour other leaders like her.Do you know another leader with a big heard and small budget? Please send them the link to our Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale. This is an opportunity for the big-hearted leader to m to gain access to our programs at up to 75%. Please help me shareBe WellJoyce

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