Are You Intellectually Well?

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June 27, 2017

As part of our integrated wellness process, this month visitors to our website get to find out how well they are doing intellectually. Now this self-rater assessment does not equate to one’s IQ.

Though being intellectually well may support your IQ, they are not the same.

Intellectual wellness explores what you do to build your mental capacity and asks the question, ‘How well are you doing with areas such as decision making, goal setting and your life experiences?’ Are you learning and experiencing those areas of your life well? Being intellectually well increases your ability to be resilient when faced with tough decisions.

It also looks at accountability, responsibility, and time management to help you ask how well you are doing in those areas as well. This is very important to note as we all know that being well balanced is more important than excelling in one area with huge deficiencies in others.

As you explore your intellectual wellness, you will become aware of areas you haven’t been working to develop and become curious to know how you are doing in those areas you have been actively developing.

The benefit of this exercise is greater when you think about what you are doing now as well as how well you can do if given the right practice and concentration in all these areas.

Here is a link to assess your intellectual wellness. I will be in touch after you have completed your assessment.

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