April is Stress Awareness Month

April 15, 2014

By Joyce Odidison

April 15, 2014

By Joyce Odidison

Do you have acute stresses in your life? I mean the day to day stresses that are draining your energy and making you crazy? This can be referred to as “Acute Stress” this kind of stress comes from life demands and pressures, current, recent and anticipated life pressures. The sewer backup, the cat ran away, your child won’t graduate grade 12 because he/she failed math. If you are facing these acute stress, you are not alone.

Take some time to put them down on paper, this exercise of getting them out of your head is the first step to assessing how challenging they really are and what you can do to respond to them appropriately. Remember acute stress if not addressed can leave you hyper and may cause you feel sick, overly tired, overwhelmed, distracted and forgetful. Some signs of acute stress can also manifest as digestive or stomach problems. Coaching is a very good remedy for acute stress. Your coach can help you make sense of these pressures and come up with a plan of action to address them before they become chronic stress that can damage your health. More about working with a coach here.

What are you stressing about today?

I’d love to help you find a few answers

To Your Wellness



Joyce Odidison is a Conflict Analyst, Strategist and Workplace Wellness Coach and creator of the Wellness Improvement System (WIS) programs including the Wellness Assessment and the Workplace Wellness Assistance program. She is also Director of the only ICF approved training program for Coaches and Wellness Facilitators in Manitoba. Contact Joyce to arrange a wellness assessment for yourself or your workplace today.

About the author

Joyce Odidison is a true pioneer in the world of workplace wellness and coaching. With over 26 years of experience as a Master Certified Coach, Conflict Analyst, and Professional Trainer, Joyce has dedicated her career to helping teams and organizations improve their interpersonal dynamics and achieve success. As the President & CEO of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., host of the Global Workplace Wellness Summit, and What's Happening at Work podcast, she's a recognized community leader and mentor, committed to empowering people to develop their skills and reach their full potential. Whether you're looking to build a culture of well-being, improve team dynamics, or develop your leadership skills, or gain world-class coach training, Joyce has the knowledge, expertise, and passion to help you create positive change and achieve success.

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