Anger Management Support

Anger is a very confusing emotion. Often we resort to feelings of anger instead of acknowledging the primary emotion that we are truly feeling. When coached to recognize a range of emotions, people are much freer to address their primary emotions and much less likely to resort to feelings of anger. Rather they are better able to identify their emotions correctly and decide how to express them appropriately.

Anger Management Coaching

Are you choosing anger as a go to emotion to deal with most interpersonal challenges? 

Anger management coaching will help you to view anger as an emotion like all others and to use it only when it is appropriate. Getting easily upset and fretting short tempered may mean that you lack the terminology on the range of emotions you feel to adequately express yourself. Coaching helps you become aware of this limiting habit and equip you to develop a new way to express your emotions appropriately. Gain new strategies and techniques to change your behaviour and improve your interpersonal skills and interactions. 

Anger Management Group Coaching and Workshops 

Need to provide more information on anger for a group, team or workplace?

We provide a range of group coaching, workshops and seminars on dealing with anger, identifying primary emotions, choosing anger as a front for fear and not dealing with our true feelings.

WIS Anger Management

Our signature WIS Anger Management Coaching helps you to become acquainted with yourself and all the emotions you are likely to experience, and allows you to develop ways to acknowledge and express these emotions appropriately. We provide a range of one-on-one coaching, group coaching workshops on identifying and responding to feelings of anger well. In addition you will be supported to develop the other interpersonal skills like communication, decision-making, critical thinking and others, to enhance your interpersonal interactions at work and in life.