Our clients love the work we do with them. Below you will find comments about our coach training program and about our Interpersonal Wellness Coaching.

Hear what our clients are saying about our work together:

“Joyce is one of the best presenters I have heard on the subject of coaching and conflict management. Her presentations are valuable both at home and at work. She is brilliant, inspiring and approachable.” – Polly Pachu, Board Representative, IWAM

Joyce Odidison is a fabulous presenter, very knowledgeable, flexible, and of course always professional. When we offer a workshop that is being presented by Joyce, it always fills up quickly and the participants’ comments are very positive. She definitely knows her stuff!” – Karen Gander, Professional Development Manager, Manitoba Child Care Association

“Joyce’s session was refreshing, enthusiastic, passionate and absolutely positive! My team is very pleased with the work she does for our organization.” – Petra C. Rapmund, C.H.R.P., Senior Manager, Pension & Benefits, StandardAero

My experience in the fundamentals of coaching was exactly what I hoped it would be and more: an introduction to the theory and practice of coaching, a self-analysis to see if I’m well suited to the profession, the use of a framework to help clients with self-awareness, and an overview of similarities and differences between coaching and other professions aimed at improving people and organizations. I also benefited greatly from the opportunity to interact with Joyce, as an experienced professional. She allowed enough time for questions and feedback, and gave us great resources for continued learning and development.” – Tracy Kosowan,

“I recently attended the Coaching Communication Styles – Module II course. This really helped me to focus in on the way a person’s values and view of the world can affect how they interact with people.” – Bill Tucker

“Joyce, I am very appreciative to have had the opportunity to have you mediating and coaching both me and my employee on our workplace challenges. This is not to say that it was easy, especially at the beginning, but it sure was worth the hard work and perseverance. You are a wealth of knowledge and you say what needs to be said in the manner it needs to be heard. The tools you have provided me have helped in both my work life and my home life. The “Style Profile” exercise is very helpful and a real insight on how I respond depending on my current state of mind. The more I apply the suggestions and tools you have given me, the better it gets, I am enjoying life so much more. I could have not done it without your help, Thank you so very much.” – Terry Ritchie

If you are one of our clients or have benefited from working with Joyce, we would love to feature your story contact us to share one of your testimonials on how you have benefited.