Need to Reduce Negative or Distracting Emotions
Personally or at Work?

Reduce overwhelm and  stress

Reduce arguments

Improve collaboration

Stop struggling with negative energy, unhealthy competition, bickering and fighting!

Counteract Toxic Emotions in your life or workplace with the

30 Day Emotional Wellness Program.

The most comprehensive emotional wellness program for professionals and individuals.

Emotions are infectious and permeating. 

Many professionals suffer from Seasonal Affected Disorder (SAD) and are unaware of how it makes  them more prone to emotional malaise in the winter months. The 30 Day Emotional Wellness program provides a cost-effective way to improve emotional well-being fast.

Each person contributes to the emotional wellness of the team. Don't let toxic emotions by one person create a negative force that creates bad vibes in your team. 

You wouldn't neglect your car service or your medical check-up or an important software upgrade. Why default to old negative emotions that no longer serve you?

Every successful team or workplace must address the emotions at play!

It's surprising how emotions creep up without our awareness of their origins and causes. One way to increase workplace health and well-being is to pause and reflect on our feelings.

This strategy also reduces errors at work, improves working relationships and boosts productivity and business efficiency.

We are discovering the underlying power of emotions in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology.

Studies show that emotional turmoil when not addressed in time can lead to long-term, chronic complications that can impact your employee's health and their ability to function well.

Sometime emotions are triggered by any of the following: a memory, the way one addresses another, a certain topic, one's fashion sense, or the weather. It may even be a past encounter, unresolved issues, suspicion, rumors, fear, threats, misunderstandings, and countless other stimuli can trigger upsetting emotions.

No matter the trigger, emotions contribute to what we think, believe, say, and do, or behave at work.

The emotional wellness 30 Day program helps employees get unstuck from a negative emotional pattern, allowing them to process their feelings and break the cycle to form a more conducive and positive outlook.

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Ready to get off the emotional roller coaster?

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 Why 30 Days?

 Research tells us that 30 Days is an adequate amount of time to Change a Behaviour Pattern.

30 days provides enough time to disrupt the current pattern of behaviour and create deep awareness of the changes needed, and actions to be taken to form a new habit that boosts emotional well-being.

How This is Different From Emotional Intelligence?

While most emotional intelligence assessments and training create awareness and new insight, they do not offer a step by step structure to transform the emotional culture of a team or workplace.

 Think about the last time you were mad at work. Did you pause to recall what angered you and sort through your feelings and the emotions you wanted to express? This could only happen when you have developed emotional resiliency as is possible with the 30 Day Emotional wellness program.

Things to Note: The 30-Day Emotional Cleanse program will:

- Change the dynamics of employees at work 

- Reduce stress and conflicts at work

- Create a structure to reset emotions at work

- Reduce unpleasant tantrums and emotional slumps at work

Here is What You Get in the 30 Day Wellness Program, Plus a Bonus E-Course.

  • Daily micro-learning - 30 days
  • Daily worksheet and audio/video recording
  • Team leader orientation session (for team packages only)
  • One-time special rate upgrade to 60 days 
  • Weekly Webinar (for groups and team packages)
  • Bonus Content: Compassion and Understanding E-course 

What People Are Saying About Our 30 Day Cleanse

“This was very revealing”

“I learned so much about myself and my emotions and the things you had us work on was so informative and engaging. 

I would recommend the 30-Day Emotional Cleanse to any team, group or workplace that is looking to recharge the emotional energy at work."

Monica Chertok

Things have never been so relaxed at work..."

“I am so glad they decided to bring this program to our workplace. I can't remember people being so relaxed, caring and understanding at work. It's a breath of fresh air."

J. Park
- Banking Industry

We definitely didn't know what to expect"

This is so better than a workshop or a course!

This is just what we needed in our workplace at this time. People can get irritated so easily, this reminds us all to pause and check our emotions before we let them charge through unto the other person or team member.

We will definitely do it again"

S. Rose
- Senior Manager

This has changed my life and meant a lot to me

“You will not believe how this has changed my life. It really meant a lot to me since I am going through a very difficult time at home right now.  This made the work day a safe zone for my emotions”

I know it meant a lot doing it at this time and I know many of my colleagues have made similar comments

H. Leighton
- Team Leader

“Thank you for bringing us this program..."

I am very glad we went with this program over the workshops we had budgeted for. I think we got a better deal all around and I look forward to see where our workplace culture goes from here."

R. Tyndale
- HR Manager

Will This Program Benefit Your Workplace?

There are many benefits to bringing the emotional cleanse to your workplace, so we encourage you to assess the advantages and disadvantages below. 

Most people feel and respond to things differently and may have deep emotional triggers and scars that are deeply rooted that can affect their outlook at work.

Having the 30-Day Cleanse program in your workplace will provide a healthy structure to support the expression of new and more pleasant emotions among your team. You will be equipped to address things in a safe and fun way.

Benefits of The Emotional Cleanse Program

  • angle-right
    Reduce negative tension at work.
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    Increase positive interaction and healthy communication.
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    Reduce incidents of bullying and harassment at work.
  • angle-right
    Reduce stress and anxiety and build trusting relationships

Signs That The 30 Day Cleanse is Effective

You can quickly assess the effectiveness by the increased energy of your team. They will display cooperative spirit, understanding, and compassion towards each other.

Previous cleanse participants share that they have gained new, healthier perspectives on many things and have adjusted by responding differently to workplace situations.

Advantages of The 30 Day Emotional Cleanse

Instituting the 30 Day Emotional Cleanse has many advantages over doing a workshop, seminars, or even courses.

The program uses micro-learning techniques to ensure all content is delivered in a bite-size format that does not overwhelm. In just 10 minutes per day, you can learn new processes for dealing with emotions at work.

This Comprehensive Emotional Wellness Program Comes with the Following:

  • Daily micro-learning content for 30 days
  • Daily reminder chart and emotional cleanse discussion forum
  • Management orientation of the 30-Day implementation (one-time session)
  • One-time special rate upgrade to 60 days 
  • Weekly summary
  • Bonus Content: Compassion and Understanding E-course 

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